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What We Catch on Our Charter Fishing Trips in Siesta Key

Mako Shark


Charter Fishing Siesta Key for sharks; including bulls, blacktips, tigers, hammerheads, makos, and more. Makos are caught year round, but to target these large predators the ideal time of year is November through May. An overnight charter trip is ideal but it can be done in an all day excursion. These fish are large predators and are not measured in numbers but in encounters. Mako's are the fastest shark in the ocean and are capable of leaping over twenty feet in the air.
Grouper Fish


Charter Fishing Siesta Key for Grouper has been great all summer; catching scamp groupers, reds and Gags. We are gearing up for Gags to open this Sept. 16th. The season will be open for two months - bummer only 60 days but they are out there for the taking. We also catch and release plenty of Goliath groupers, up to 400lbs, all year long in the waters of Siesta Key.
Yellow Tail

Also We …

Target warsaw, yellowedge, kitty mitchell and snowy groupers all year long on our charter fishing trips. Siesta Key has NO SEASONAL LIMITS for those willing to make the trek to 600 feet of water.
Snapper Fish


We catch a variety of snapper while fishing Siesta Key. However American red snappers are only open for harvest during the summer months. When they are open for harvest, they are plentiful, and limits can be easily met on an average charter fishing day. The rest of the year, mangroves and yellowtail snappers are acceptable to catch and keep.
Wahoo Fish


Wahoo charter fishing starts to get going in May and continues through summer. The best time of year however is the fall. This fish is an excellent fighter and a sushi grade catch.
Mahi Mahi Dolphin Fish

Mahi Mahi Dolphin or Dorado

Siesta Key charter fishing offers many colorful fish like Mahi. Mahi fishing season is summer and fall and is fairly consistent in the deepwater all summer long.
Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin

A charter fishing trip for a Blue Marlin is the ultimate in pursuit of the big game catch. Marlin charter fishing season is spring through fall with the fish biting more aggressively around the full moon.
Sword Fish


Swordfishing is a night fishery and very productive at these times. These gladiators of Siesta Key fight hard and are a very fine fish to bring to the table.


Charter Fishing Siesta Key offers blackfin tunas all year long on our all day charter trips but the ideal time is spring through fall. We also catch yellowfin tuna on our bluewater trips. We seasonally operate out of Grand Isle, Louisiana targeting large yellowfins up to 200 lbs. Call for seasonal travel schedule.